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Completed Projects


If we take a look at ELECNET's work, we will see some of the biggest network infrastructure projects both in the Public and in the Private sector.

It is a fact that ELECNET S.A., in co-operation with IT firms and technical and construction companies, has undertaken a number of projects for the construction of network infrastructure related to structured wiring and for providing integrated solutions including the supply and installation of the networks active elements, in almost all parts of Greece.

The majority of the projects implemented by ELECNET S.A. at the first stages of its evolvement have been carried out in the form of subcontracting for companies undertaking the integration of solutions and not as direct assignments. Our company followed this strategic policy in its effort to strengthen its ties with healthy corporations and keep an ongoing co-operation with them. As a result of this policy, ELECNET S.A. has managed to become the biggest company undertaking and implementing network infrastructure projects in northern Greece, within a relatively short period of time, working steadily with most of the big groups and companies engaging in the fields of Information Technology and Construction.

Since 2006 ELECNET S.A. began to assume out plant fiber optic projects as integrator either for municipalities that wanted to develop metropolitan networks or for telecommunications providers that wanted to either build new networks or extend their existing ones.

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