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One stop shop for network products

At ΕLECNET S.A. we keep an inventory with large quantities of network products and an organized warehouse department so that our clients' support is direct and complete at all times.

The technical support department is able to supply at any moment our clients with publications such as prospects, specifications and data sheets on the materials we promote. We consider that the technical support of the materials we import or represent is a very important service to our clients, regarding their participation to tenders or for completing and supporting their proposals.

We transfer the materials using our own vehicles either to the client's offices or directly to the work site when this is necessary or when there is no other transport means on the part of the client (e.g. big racks or wire reels etc.) Of course there is always the option to receive the materials at our facilities.

Our ambition is to become a ONE STOP SHOP as regards structured wiring, offering our clients the opportunity to receive the materials they order even on the same day, keeping at the same time a high level of know-how at low prices.

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