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Our Vision

ΕLECNET was set up in order to meet the needs of telecommunication networks applications in northern Greece.

Over the years, we managed to acquire the necessary know-how, experience and a number of partners and associates throughout Greece, becoming a leading company in our sector. Today we continue our course towards development and expand our activities with new co-operations and new fields.

We expand our current business and add new business areas, believing that we will keep on meeting the needs of our customers providing the highest possible quality standards.

Our basic target is to provide products and services of a consistently high quality. The company has a quality assurance system at all levels, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Regarding the company's geographical expansion, our branch in the area of Athens is only a matter of time. We believe that this will largely increase the company's turnover.

The current co-operations both with Greek and foreign companies is a guarantee for our growth in the future. Our other goal is to establish strategic agreements, increasing the diversity of the solutions we offer.

Our steady direction regarding the range of ELECNET's activities is focused on the telecommunication networks, the surveillance and control systems and in general the high technology applications required in the construction of modern buildings in the field of strong and weak currents. 

New highly trained and specialized staff joins our company, while the existing staff is under ongoing training, since we believe that a company with high-level human resources is more successful.

Finally, we would like to stress our belief that the ongoing development of our business sector both in terms of technology and in terms of volume, along with the rationalized programming and the client-focused planning, will be the factors that will make ELECNET the leader in its sector.

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