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Structured Cabling

The use of  “Structured Cabling"  terminology incorporates a series of international Standards and Regulations/ that apply to the study, design, installation and certification of week current cabling used forthe transmission of electronic information (data, voice, image) in a network.

The proper selection of the physical medium (Layer 1) for such transmissions makes a significant contribution to the quality performance of the network including increased reliability and reduced the IT managers problems.
We should emphasize that continuously technological developments and demanding of software applications set the standards for a "solid" network infrastructure the scope of which extends well into the future.
The formally qualified and experienced personnel of ELECNET S.A.  are well qualified in the design, installation and certification of Structured Cabling Systems taking into serious account the following factors:

  • client needs and premises needs in any different case
  • current and future requirements and performance of the network
  • the need to implement a user-friendly, manageable and expandable structure cabling infrastructure


A Structured Cabling project comprises the following steps:

  • set up of Horizontal Cabling (UTP, FTP, SFTP, SSTP cables, Class 5 e, 6, 7 , FTTD Fiber to the desk)
  • backbone cabling (fiber optic cables, multipair cables)
  • installation of central and local distribution frames (Racks, Patch Panels, FO Panels, etc.)
  • physical interconnection of remote buildings (Campus - Fiber optic cables, telephone cables)
  • as build plans  (certification - diagrams - profiles), maintenance, product-system warranty in cooperation with product vendors.

The structure cabling studies and designs by ELECNET SA engineers incorporate a wide range of brand name products resourced from certified and well known manufacturers.

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