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Measurements - Certifications

A very significant area of the Telecommunications sector is the one related to the infrastructure Certification and Control process, in compliance with the international standards.

The company's technology equipment includes up-to-date cable analysers, such as FLUKE DTX 1800, FLUKE DSP 4300, Fluke (DTX-SMF2 και DTX-MMF2), NOYES OPTICAL METER, LASER SOURCES 1310 - 1550 nm, LED SOURCES 850 - 1300 nm, EXFO FTB7000 series OTDRs (1310nm-1490nm-1550nm-1625nm), EXFO FTB3930 series OLTS, EXFO FTB5700 Dispersion Analyzeretc., for measuring and certifying copper networks and for fiber network characterization.

On each project's completion, detailed measurements take place, certifying the network, aiming to avoid future communication problems caused by the wiring. In addition to certification, ELECNET S.A. Also provides a 15-year warranty of good operation for the projects carried out by its specialized staff and the materials supplied and installed by the company, upon the completion of each project. 

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