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Network infrastructure design

Aiming to offer reliable and integrated solutions, ELECNET S.A, provides its clients with its know-how and experience in the area of copper and optical fibre network application studies and in the design of infrastructure solutions.

Depending on the subject, specialized and experienced engineers work with the clients, in order to research and analyze their needs, leading as a result to proposing the optimal solution for them. With this procedure, we also aim to ensure the best operation of the system and the most effective results for their investments.

Given the architectural plans of each building and the requirements of each application, we are capable of delivering a complete study or bid punctually, based on the current standards. These studies include the planning of the solution, the materials required to implement the project and the way of certification and mapping of the project are determined in detail, in order for the project to be delivered in fully operational condition.

The on site knowledge acquired by the engineer elaborating the study, plays a very important part in discovering the most appropriate solution and successfully implementing the relative project.

This is the reason why the engineers of our company make on-site visits to the customers in order to accurately estimate the materials required, as well the specific installation conditions, whenever this is possible.

ELECNET SA is certified with ISO 9001:2008 quality certification for design and installation of Telecommunication Networks

Cive us the opportunity to help you design your network infrastructure .Give us a call.

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