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Our Company

ELECNET S.A is a rapidly growing company, engaging in the sector of telecommunication applications, and more generally in the area of weak current infrastructure (VOICE-DATA) in modern buildings and also out plant fiber optic network infrastructures.

The company was founded in 1996 with its central offices situated in Thessalonica, and in June 2000 it turned into a limited company named ELECNET Telecommunication Networks Public Limited Company, with the distinctive title ELECNET S.A.

The company's object is to trade and install Structured Wiring Telecommunication Applications Systems, out plant fiber optic network infrastructures and Data Center implementation.

More specifically, ELECNET's activities include structured wiring telecommunication systems (materials, studies and installations), the development of optical fibre networks (in buildings, campuses and out plant), the distribution of network active elements (switches, media converters, adaptors etc.), the construction of power networks and uninterruptible power supply networks, the sale of cabinets and racks and the provision of integrated telecommunication solutions focused on the passive part of the networks.

Aiming to provide the most integrated approach possible in the area of low voltage systems in modern buildings, the company has expanded its activities in the sector of security, providing solutions related to fire detection and alarm systems, by incorporating the necessary know-how and concluding strategic agreements with the most reliable vendors.

ELECNET S.A. has managed to gain the trust of many large companies, which have entrusted it with the study and implementation of integrated solutions, or chosen it as their main supplier for the materials they use in their own networks.

Our target, which is also our commitment for the future, is the ongoing development along with the increase of know-how in relation to the services and the materials we offer.

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